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From the first quarter of 2023, the RTS 1 channel offers you “Vivants”, an innovative show to reach a curious and relaxed target, all in prime time!

This new format, produced in the manner of a social and playful experiment, aims to question our relationships with other living beings, animals or plants, and to question the place of humans in our environment.

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Six personalities known to the French-speaking public will take part in the exercise by slipping into the skin of animals or plants for a few days, giving way to their creativity. The experience will range from virtual reality to immersion in the forest, including an artistic experience, and even why not, shamanic trance. 

Trying to perceive the world in the way of non-human living things, whether from the animal or plant kingdom, is the objective of “Living”. Each episode will be dedicated to a particular species; cat, octopus, bee, bird, tree or pig. Our personalities will be guided by a voice-over and accompanied by passionate experts. This promises new postures and undoubtedly some giggles! A series proposed by Aline Bachofner and Andrea Gringeri.


Vivants is an experimental program that tries to make you perceive the world in the way of non-human living things – animals and plants. In each episode, a French-speaking personality slips into the skin of a species and experiences its sensations and its way of life.

episode "become a cat"

For millennia, the cat has lived alongside us. But despite the apparent proximity, it retains its mysteries and its wild side. He is said to be haughty, arrogant, immoral, more attached to his place of life than to his masters. Can a cat really have owners? Singer Phanee de Pool will have to grow her claws and change her vision to try to perceive the world like a feline. And to see things more clearly, she will be helped by Jessica Serra, doctor in ethology and author of In the Head of a Cat.

my role

Scientific expertise, contribution to scenarios.

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