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My cat and me, Rroû's great adventure is a movie directed by Guillaume Maidatchevsky with Capucine Sainson-Fabresse and Corinne Masiero, based on the work of Maurice Genevoix, entitled Rroû, published in  1931 and reissued in 2023 on the occasion of the release of the film.


Rroû is a kitten of the city, lively and curious, who discovers life on the roofs of Paris. His destiny changes when a little girl ten years old, Clémence, adopts him and takes him to her Villa in the heart of the mountains Vosges. This is the start of a shared adventure for Clémence and Rroû, who will grow up together and live a story that will transform them forever. They will cross paths with Madeleine, the neighbor who will help the young girl find her kitten.

my role

Scientific expertise and writing of thebook.

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